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Where I can find New Life Spectrum Food in Wroclaw?


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Hello guys,

I've checked out the forum but I couldn't find any useful information regarding my question.

In short, I will be on a business trip next week to Wroclaw and I was wondering where I can find New Life Spectrum Cichlid Formula? I used to fed my African cichlids with this but the thing is that I cannot find this food anymore in the local stores and I wanted to kindly ask you to provide me some information such as store name and address where I can buy NLS?

Thank you so much guys!

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Thank you for your kindness!

Of course I have researched Google before posting here and found that site. However, if you would have looked on the plantica.pl website the New Life Spectrum food products are not listed there so I am unsure if I can actually find it in their local store... but I will give it a try! :)

What kind of food is popular there and the best to feed african cichlids with? Maybe I will buy that if I cannot find the NSL cichlid formula.

Keep in touch and thanks in advance!

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Thank you for your advises! ;)

We have here for sale only Hikari, Tetra, JBL and Sera food for african cichlids.

I have a 450L tank and 90% of the fishes are Haplochromines and I feed them with Tetra Sticks and Flakes (it makes a lot of dirt when feeding) but I don't have a better option at this moment and periodically Cichlid Mix and Artemia frozen food from Ocean Nutrition which is very good.

I have checked the plantica.pl website and they only have for sale cichlid food from OSI and Naturefood so if I don't find NLS I will buy some of these but...

Could you please answer the following two questions?

- Which one is better? OSI or Naturefood?

- What are the most appropriate formulas from these two manufacturers?

Thanks once again!

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1. OSI and NF are comparable food for african cichlids.

2. I think that the best for Haplochromis should be:

- OSI - vivid color , brine shrimp and spirulina from time to time.

- NF - first of all you should buy - naturefood cichlid. This food i appropriate for carnivores chichlids.

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